El Salvador



2012 Accomplisments

  • 158 Salvadoran children received life-saving surgeries at Hospital Bloom
  •  Continue to donate supplies and medicines during the whole year
  • New equipment was donated valued at approx. $40000 
  • Sponsor 4 medical training visits to increase the skills of the doctors and nurses and at the same time saving the lives of 43 children. 
  • 25 cath procedure conducted at Diagnostico Hospital
  • Continue to fund the salaries of a pediatric cardiac surgeon and a critical care physician
  • 42 children were included in the nutritional program and 12 families received vocational trainings
  • A multidisciplinary conference on congenital heart surgery was sponsor and coordinate to promote teamwork, comunication, empowerment and sustainability
  • A 3 month training for the new perfusionist was sponsor at UNICAR, Guatemala.
2011 Accomplishments
  • 159 Salvadoran children received life-saving surgeries at Hospital Bloom
  • Supplies and medicines were donated to ensure surgeries were conducted on a reliable basis
  • Necessary equipment was acquired for the program (Portable Diagnostic Ultrasound System, Sternal Saw, Operating Room Lamp)
  • 19 Diagnostic/ Interventional catheterization procedures conducted at Hospital Diagnostico
  • 117 children and their families were included in the nutritional program
  • Trained 10 parents in a specific vocation
  • Sponsored 5 training missions to enhance the skills of the Salvadoran Pediatric Cardiac Team and treat 50 children
  • Conducted 6-month nurse training program for 18 critical care and operating room nurses and provided them with American Heart Association certification in Basic Life Saving
  • Funded the salaries of a pediatric cardiac surgeon and a critical care physician

2010 Accomplishments

  • In 2010 the board of Gift of Life International chose El Salvador as the country of focus. This means that the more than 70 GOL programs worldwide worked as one to bring assistance to the children of El Salvador who have congenital heart defects.
  • GOLI called the project "Our hearts are in El Salvador." This year, 81 individuals and organizations contributed financially to save the lives of 117 Salvadoran children. This effort included 2 phases: the first phase provided both economic and medical resources for 53 catheterization procedures in El Salvador, while 44 children traveled to 25 hospitals affiliated with Gift of Life in 13 countries. This was done to reduce the list of children waiting for operations and to create the context necessary to develop a sustainable program of pediatric cardiac surgery at the Hospital Nacional de Niños Benjamin Bloom.
  • In October 2010, Gift of Life International organized an international conference which produced a 5 year strategic plan to ensure success and continuity of the pediatric cardiovascular surgery program at the Hospital Bloom.
  • Phase 2 of this initiative began in December 2010 when the first training mission was coordinated by the "Our hearts are in El Salvador" program where not only 20 children received a second chance at life but the pediatric cardiac surgery program at Bloom Hospital began a new era.


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