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Josselyn Yanira Vivas

                                               Josselyn Yanira Vivas Hidalgo

My daughter's name is Josselyn Yanira Vivas. My daughter was born with a congenital heart defect that wasn´t detected when she was born, while the days passed by she started to get purple and the doctors told us that she only had a few days of life and would not last more than 6 months. It was very painful for us as parents and we started knocking different doors all were closed until we one day we found the right person who told us in the U.S. had a friend who could help us. 3 years had passed by and my daughter continued to suffer.  She could not walk and convulsed almost every day.  Finally we got the call from the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota telling us the  hospital had accepted Josselyn for surgery in 2007.

Josselyn's life and ours has changed a lot.  We were very happy because our daughter's life would be much better and so her body had changed and she began to grow and run like any other healthy children.  However, she needed a second surgery that would be carried out in 2009 but could not be performed because Josselyn's heart defect was very complicated and the hospital didn´t want to perform it. My daughter was getting bad again, but we as parents and the whole family pray for a door to open somewhere in the world to accept and operate on my daughter. Finally in 2010 the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles accepted Josselyn for surgery.

Now she is much better.  She goes to school and she lives her life like any other healthy child.  Thank God and the institutions that supported us.  Now she has a long life ahead and we as parents are also very happy to see our daughter full of life. Parents in my country do not get tired thanking God and those institutions that helped  us save the lives of our children because we are poor people and could never have afforded to give our children a better life. "

Josselyn Yanira Vivas Hidalgo de 8 años de edad



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